It started with an idea.

Wachter approached us with a big concept: from seed to table. They wanted to engage and educate sales leads on their services, which touch every process and industry from farming to consumer.

Simple Solutions to complex processes.

Often times, when we sit down with a customer for the first time, we hear a cadence of features and talking points that marketing and executive teams want to get across to viewers. Wachter was no exception, but they had a valid point: they are the folks who make the Internet of Things possible.

The Challenge.

Distilling the variety of services down into a simplified message that would resonate with, and not overwhelm, viewers in sales meetings. Also, Wachter wanted to future-proof both the message and the visuals - so they didn't have to reproduce a video every year.

The solution.

We worked closely with the executive team at Wachter on developing a script and animatic that would represent the final product. From brainstorm sessions to creative roundtables, we developed a plan that would work for them.


The Result.

When the video was played for the first sales lead, the viewer was blown away by the services Wachter offered. The video gave the sales lead a big picture and better perspective on what Wachter provides. This lead to questions and thoughtful conversation with the salesperson. Why is that important? Simple. The lead is starting the conversation in a positive and naturally engaging way, letting the salesperson get down to brass tacks on what the sales lead needed from Wachter. The video did the hard work on the initial sell.