Tom's Town Distillery

By Matt Blume & Kurt Bangert

When you meet people you like you know it immediately. If you can connect right away the rest of the process is a piece of cake. And so it was with Tom’s Town.

We met with Steve, Kirsten and David last summer. Their sleeves were up, their offices in the throes of construction and their smiles wide and bright. Before we met we researched the content from several distilleries. Too often, it was a mythical connection to whisky runners or native oak trees. Businessmen propped up to talk about the distilling process in a monosyllabic drone. When we peeled back the layers of the onion we realized there was not much substance. We all agreed this was problematic and would not be our approach because with distilleries, the substance is everything.

When we toured their location last summer it was obvious we needed to be creative in where we shot and how we told the story. We found tradesman busily rehabbing the space; running lines for boilers, installing countertops and bars, rehabbing tin ceilings, etc. Getting a distillery off the ground is dirty work.

It was looking questionable where we could make a scene come to life to match the excitement of their burgeoning brand. Then, we found it. Down in the cellar room they had 20 barrels of the good stuff aging. It was there we found our set.

They knew their narrative would be based in truth. Not only in their personal connections to Tom Pendergast and prohibition era Kansas City, but also the fact that they are simply men who enjoy a good drink.

These men were happy to shine the light on their distiller, Rob Vossmeyer, and what he brings to their new brand. They were proud to be working with Kirsten McGannon, Nancy Fraley and the rest of their team. They were, most importantly, thrilled to be back in business together.

Ultimately, we were able to work with their startup budget to create 12 pieces of video content and a library of stills. Videos for the website, social media push, and tours at the distillery. Work that we are proud of. Work that will introduce Kansas City to Tom’s Town. Afterall, in the words of Tom Pendergast, 

The people are thirsty.