Introducing Melissa Willis

By Reid Bangert

When I first met Melissa she had just returned to Kansas City after living and working in Los Angeles. She was the production manager on one of my first commercial gigs, and I was her production assistant - fresh out of a little school in mid-coast Maine. Her exuberance and energy was overwhelming, something that was and still is ever-present. I took note and she quickly became an important mentor for me and my career. Even though I was the lowest person in the ranks - taking out trash, grabbing coffees, driving people around - those early days with Melissa were the best of my formative years. I learned the ins and outs of making commercial advertising and how to treat people right. Without her, Northpass would not be what it is today.

Her work ethic and dedication to the job inspired and influenced me. I vowed that no matter where life and work took us, that somehow we would always work together. Our offer to her, like those of the rest of our team, was a long time coming. We first started talking job with Melissa about two years ago. Her response always came from a place of honesty and respect, and Melissa would say “you’re not ready for me yet”. After working closely with our entire team for the past few years, that moment has finally come.

I am more than thrilled to introduce Melissa Willis as Northpass’ Senior Producer. She brings with her a bounty of experience and an uncompromised vision, much like the work we produce. Her focus on the smallest of details is key to each production running smoothly and efficiently, without compromising the original creative intent. They say you should surround yourself with people who inspire you. For me and all of us at Northpass, Melissa is one of those people.