A Letter From Reid Bangert

I often get asked the question: How did you get into filmmaking? Often the answer is short and sweet: because I fell in love with it … but it’s deeper than that. Sure, there is romance in composing a frame or blocking the action or getting that last shot, the martini, on a 17 hour day. But as I’ve grown in this industry the one thing outside of the work that keeps me going is the relationships. Relationships with our crew and freelancers, agencies, and clients. It’s the key to building a mutually beneficial creative environment. Without dedication to fostering these relationships, our work becomes just another job instead of something we are passionate about.

In this issue we reflect on some of the most critical relationships we’ve formed over the years. You’ll get to know our Senior Producer Melissa Willis, and what she loves about Northpass. Our EP, Kurt Bangert, tells us a fun winter-related story from his youth. And you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at our job with VML and NAPA Auto Parts that was named Adweek Ad of the Day.