Repeat Perspective

By Melissa Willis

One of the things I love about being a Producer is working with the same agency and client on a continual basis. Especially in this business. Knowing how they work; the quirks, the standards, the requirements, the approval processes and having experienced it numerous times makes each time “easier”. Even with the curve balls, I know what to expect. The trust that is developed is a wonderful, tangible, feeling. It’s the feeling of being on a professionally trained athletic team. I know this is a dramatic comparison but hey, I’m in show business.

I can’t deny the feeling of easy, direct-to-the-point communication with an agency producer and account supervisor. Like my favorite sweats I never want to wear out or give away, they will never go out of style. The mutual working through of problems, traveling, eating, laughing, crying and scheduling. No man left behind. OK, a lot dramatic, but there’s no business like show business. Every shoot is a stage, every agency and client are stars.