National Beef | Color

By Luke Englert

I come from a small farming town in Southwest Kansas. Where the land is vast and flat but the sunsets are spectacular. The kind of area, if it had buffalo, would scream “Home, Home on the Range”. I grew up as a farmer’s son, taking part in the harvest of wheat, milo and other dry crops. But that was only part of our duties, we also raised cows. Primarily black cows, or Angus Beef to be precise. So when National Beef came around I felt this project could become a labor of love (not only that but it was filmed in Kansas to boot).

My dad, being a farmer and rancher, he was everything you could consider to be true for a modern day cowboy. He loved wearing his cowboy hat with his boots whenever he could. Now because he loved being a cowboy in his own hard working way it is no surprise that his favorite show was “Bonanza,” so much so he named our ranch “Ponderosa”. In honor of him I felt it was necessary to use the show, and the many other life experiences I’ve had in Southwest Kansas, as the inspiration for coloring the National Beef project.

For color, I decided the focus would be more on the warmer tones, less so much on the greens or blues, kind of how the vintage cowboy television show looks. I felt that this way it would really bring home the feeling of warmth and peace Kansas sunsets and sunrises can instill. Hopefully with these shots you might understand what I was going for with this campaign, and it will leave an impact on you as I know the beauty of Kansas nature has left on me.