By Reid Bangert

When I think about life, I think about moments. I think about the first moment I can remember, before preschool, looking up at my mother and asking her “when can I go?”, as my sister went to catch her first bus to kindergarten. Moments when my Mom and I would sing along to Michael Bolton in the minivan in the elementary school parking lot. I think about the pitcher in little league who would always snicker as he tried to hit me with the ball, he knew I was afraid. I think about the first time I fell in love with someone who couldn’t love me back. I think about my high school dean telling saying “You’re not going to amount to nothing”. There is beauty in moments, there is pain in moments, there is happiness, sadness, excitement, despair, triumph, crudeness, flight, admiration, and so many more emotions in moments. It’s what we remember, it’s what we hold on to, whether good or bad, it’s these moments that continually shape us as humans. But these moments are fleeting, continually being born in every stage of our life.

They take on new purpose and meaning as we grow older or they become more aggressive, eating away at our souls if we let them. The summation of life’s moments should be taken as inspiration, the observation of something greater than what we could possibly be, and allowing those observations to influence our work. It’s what I think about when the cameras roll, capturing the emotion in those moments, the process becomes something spiritual for me. If I allow it, the images are composed not technically but through a deep reaction to what I know is right and what should be done. With our projects this summer this is the feeling the whole team at Northpass walked away with. The feeling that we honored our subjects in the light they were meant for, capturing the moments their whole life is made up of. I know it may all be a bit romantic for advertising, but if we can hold on to what we know is true, these moments, and not attempt to make them into something they’re not, I think we can all create work that stands the test of time and fulfills something beyond what we are capable of comprehending.