By Matt Blume

Ah, the summer Quarterly Issue. I have been waiting for this. After all, isn’t summer the best? Sure, depending on where you are it can be blistering hot or way too dry or depressingly humid. For me, it has always been much too short. That is why I feel so privileged that we captured so much of it on camera the last few months. We traveled from Scott City, KS to Wooster, OH and throughout all of Eastern South Dakota. We captured orange sunrises and pink sunsets. We have met the kindest people who have laid down roots in the most magical spots a midwesterner can imagine. And it is those faces and places that we were able to gracefully suspend in time. 

We truly collaborated. All of us. We talked about Terrence Malick and Lance Acord. We talked about our own grandmother’s faces lit by the late summer sun. We recalled the fondest memories from our own childhood and compared notes. So when it was time to roll the camera the work came naturally. The bluffs perched above the prairie grasses and the symmetrical rows of corn welcomed our cinematography with open arms. And then, there were the people.

Nearly every time we emerged from the RV’s road weary and backs aching we were greeted with smiling eyes and gracious hospitality. We parted with warm hugs and invitations to return anytime we please. I gave each family my word that if nothing else we would capture their life in as much perfection as nature would allow. That we would find true moments and never make them “perform”. And it feels amazing to deliver on that promise. 

A cattleman knows which way to push the Black Angus and a farmer knows which section will look the best from the air. So once we had their ear, we made sure they were heard. Shooting in full summer glory ended just the way that it should. With generations of people that love one another watching fireworks from the grass below.