NAPA Autopro | Car Enablers

By Northpass Media

This project took our team to Los Angeles to create broadcast spots for NAPA’s Canadian subsidiary AUTOPRO. Whenever a production team has a location away from home, it poses additional logistical challenges. In this case, our experience shooting all over North America and Senior Producer Melissa Willis’ contacts made this job fluid. But just like any professional operation, it may seem easy, but it’s only years of experience and critical attention to detail that make it that way.

Aside from the logistical challenges, the task was to create two broadcast :30’s and two :15’s in one ten hour day of production. Since these spots are for the Canadian market, there were two different principal on-camera talent, in order to deliver both English and Canadian French versions.

As with all the projects we take on, our team pulled together to make it a success. With Director Reid Bangert’s vision and Assistant Director Tres Falls keeping production on track, we completed shooting one minute ahead of schedule and delivered the footage our client was promised.

We shot entirely with our RED Epic on a Steadicam rig operated by none other than Andy Shuttleworth, the man responsible for the longest single Steadicam shot that famously opened the movie Boogie Nights (that’s worth googling by the way). Andy was brilliant and quickly formed a strong bond with Reid that produced the shots he planned with the efficiency that comes with dedication to craft and professionalism.

In the end, we had a lot of fun shooting, editing and finishing these spots. Our hats are off to everyone involved, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Click here to watch the spots.