Gatorade | Sweat To Success

By Northpass Media

We’re excited to be the first team to deliver video to a new ad platform developed by Instagram. Gatorade was selected as the first brand to launch and their agency VML was tasked with developing the creative for a four part video ad carousel. Cool.

The challenge was that the project had a short time frame and severe schedule constraints. Fortunately the VML team had done their job very well, our treatment for the project aligned with their creative, and we were off. The entire Northpass team went into overdrive, pulling together production and post crew, scouting, securing a location, developing a shot list, building a schedule plus all the other details needed to make some magic. Good thing we eat pressure for breakfast, and good thing we have Director Matt Blume who had the vision to develop the plays and deliver the win.


What did we have to work with? One night, 8 hours, whatever weather would come, three days for initial footage review, color, layback and delivery. All this happened in less than seven total days. At the end of the all-night production, we were exhausted, but it was that good kind of exhaustion that comes with work well done.

So how did it turn out? Click here to watch the series.