Access Passport | Animation

By Luke Englert

When Access Forms asked Northpass to create an animation for an upcoming convention, we jumped at the opportunity. I was especially excited as character animation is my forte.

As it was for a convention, it needed to be eye-catching and funny. The main props were a vacuum pipe, a claw, a rocket, a robot and a drone. Each being different types of physical paper form delivery. The last prop is key as they were giving away drones at their booth. Because this would include propcomedy I looked to old cartoons for inspiration. Primarily utilizing quick movements, on-point facial reactions and stylized character forms.

The animation of the main character, Access Bob as we like to call him, we kept simple. His movements primarily focused on handing forms to the different props. By keeping him in the same position within frame, it allows the audience to focus more on the props failing and the hero’s facial reactions.

The setting is an old 70’s era office, to fit the theme of the old way of doing things. I used the existing brand identity as a base for the color palette and type treatment, as noted by the Access greens and blue for the wallpaper and other objects throughout the video. As each scene progresses the office area gets trashed with the finale being the drone burning what remains in the old office. All that is left are the charred remains of the office and the forms in Access Bob’s hand.

At this point, the “Access Passport” logo is introduced. It magically turns the forms in the hero’s hand into an ipad simultaneously changing the setting into a clean, modern office space. Effectively solving the problem of form delivery, thus ridding the need of excess forms. Don’t forget the touch of magic particles.

My favorite part about this animation was taking classic cartoons as inspiration to create a practical piece. The practical message being that it’s best to update to a more accessible digital form delivery system rather than risk physical forms being destroyed. Moving from physical papers to digital really transports a business into the modern day and I feel this video is a good, maybe just a little exaggerated, representation of that.