Kansas City, MO | Avalon, CA

There’s no better feeling as an agency producer than when you are in the trenches on a project like this and know that the [Post] Production Company has your back and best interest top-of-mind.
— Tyler Smith, Executive Producer | VML

Two Facilities
Two Purposes

Comfort & Efficiency


An editorial team that has your back.

No lost deadlines, no double bookings, no overlooked emails - no headaches. Our post team works overtime so you can manage your own team.


From iPhone to 8K VR, Northpass has the capability to handle every type of workflow imaginable. Our investment and knowledge base in the most sophisticated equipment leads to improved and streamlined process.


Your budget parameters are what we live by. With flexible rates for any project - just let us know what you have, we want to work with you.

The Cloud.

Tapes and disks, even hard drives, are a thing of the past. Our entire database is stored in the cloud under triple redundancy protection. That means your files and projects are accessible in minutes, not days, with zero data loss.