On Melding With An Agency

by: Reid Bangert

I’ve never bought a new car. Maybe it’s the practical side of me or the economical side, probably both. I’ve only dreamed of walking into a dealership and leaving cocooned in that new car smell. Used cars are just my thing, it’s how I was brought up - no sense in overspending. That’s why our work with VML and NAPA Auto Parts was so relatable to me. At the end of the day, the goal was to create “new” car commercials for beat up used cars and we accomplished exactly that. Of course, it helps to start with creative that is dynamic, entertaining, and right on point - and the creative team at VML handed us a golden egg.

Have you ever stopped to think
about how luxurious herringbone
seat belt webbing actually is?

To execute a vision that starts in your head and needs to be a real thing in about a month’s time takes more than just an explanation, trust, and a handshake. The process involves a detailed approach of drawing out that vision from your mind in a way for the creatives and client to see how it’s all going to play out. This is one of my favorite parts of the process. I get to hide out in a cozy chair in the corner of the office absorbing the pitch deck, researching, writing, and getting down to the nitty gritty in my own world; not being afraid to take long strolls through my mind. The result is a concise, knowledgeable treatment that incorporates every detail encompassed in a thorough plan to produce a quality final product. Much like industrial design or construction projects, I go through several phases or prototypes before the final treatment is produced. We work tirelessly to make sure our materials incorporate every aspect of our process. We don’t want to leave anything to guess while being as prepared as possible for those inevitable curveballs.

This thought process carries into Production and Post-Production as well. From camera work, to capturing stills sequentially, to the edit, and color. Everything is efficiently and thoughtfully created under one roof. The result is an uncompromised vision carried out by a knowledgeable team in every department, without the hassle of sourcing multiple vendors.

The ads were released and have since racked up a huge positive response - both with consumers and the advertising industry - with over 3 million views and 10 million impressions. The spots earned an Adweek Ad of the Day and honors at Cannes and One Show. While accolades are great, it's the energy and communication that went into creating these that made it memorable. From the team at VML to our team at Northpass, everyone was in sync and it shows in the final work.