LMC Truck | Bronco Trailer

By Kurt Bangert

In early June, we produced 21 videos for LMC Truck in 7 days. We finished principal photography on 20 without a hitch and were looking forward to the last one - a trailer for their most recent company build, a 1979 Ford Bronco Custom.

Back in May, when we heard the Bronco fire up for the first time we knew the video for this truck needed to match the grizzliness of the rig. The concept quickly came to life in our minds and we set off talking to our favorite gaffer, Troy Paddock, about how we could make our vision a reality.

So along came day 7 of 7, the smoke machine churned and the lights were set. The Director of Photography and Dolly Grip talked about camera movement and execution and we rolled on Camera A. Using a combination of light manipulation, backlighting, and underexposing the Bronco we brought the beast to life. Every crew member came together on this one and executed their job flawlessly. We could say more here, but this is one of those videos you have to watch. Click here to watch the LMC Truck Campaign.