A Letter From Reid Bangert

When my Dad and I started Northpass Media we founded the company with a few simple principles: to make every project better than the last, to create content with a purpose, and to be authentic. This way of thinking has gone a long way in building the culture we have today, and has brought us personal growth that extends beyond the bottom dollar.

Northpass Quarterly is designed to give you an idea of how we think, how we operate, and how we create quality content - without a filter. It’s a look into our ever-evolving process.

In this issue our new director and editor, Matt Blume, writes about radio and growing up in Western Kansas. We also dive a little deeper into Matt’s way of thinking and why we decided to bring him onboard. We’ll also look at editor Brandon Roten’s background and how his style and technique is a perfect fit for the content we produce.

Last but not least, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look into 4 projects we’re pretty damn proud of.